JBC's 5th Annual Retreat and Poster Contest, Sunday May 13-Tuesday May 15, 2018, Kibbutz Maagan


Sun - Tue, May 13 to May 15, 7:20pm - 7:20pm


Maagan Eden Holiday Village, Kibbutz Maagan


This year's JBC Annual Retreat, was held at Kibbutz Maagan Sunday, May 13 - Tuesday, May 15 at Kibbutz Maagan. This retreat was a great opportunity to meet colleagues from various disciplines, share and exchange ideas, and form new collaborations. Over 45 JBC members, as well as guests from other Universities , presented an interdisciplinary view on the current issues in Brain Science, (Click here for program details). 45 students participated in the Poster Exhibition Contest. 10 students were chosen to present their posters at our annual Poster Blitz. 

Congratulations to Blitz Winners:

1st Prize to Noam Siegelman, for his poster: Are replications good for you?  The non-optimality of direct

2nd Prize (two winners) to:

Shai Berman, for her poster: "Predicting Latency of Visual Responses using Structure of White Matter Pathways"
Gal Moscona, for her poster: "Touchy topic - Temporal prediction in the tactile modality"

A very special thanks to all of the speakers, who took time to present talks, during the retreat

Special Guest Lecturers: Prof. Arnon Lotem and Prof. Ronnie Ellenblum

Speakers: Prof. Ram Frost, Prof. Yonatan Loewenstein, Dr. Omri Abend, Prof. Tali Tishby, Prof. Dominique Lamy, Prof. Ran Hassin, Prof. Rafi Malach, Prof. Merav Ahissar, Prof Ilan Lampl, Dr. - Izhar Bar Gad, Prof. Eilon Vaadia, Prof. Roy Mukamel, Prof. Yossi Yovel, Dr. Shlomo Wagner, Dr. Galit Ophir, Prof. Mickey London, Dr. Dalit Sela-Donenfeld, Dr. Ithai Rabinowitch, Dr. Itamar Harel and Dr. Adi Inbal. 

For Photos from the event please click here



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