The Jerusalem Brain Community (JBC) is an association of researchers from the Hebrew University who study the brain and its behavior in health or in disease. The JBC was founded through the generous support of the Edmond J. Safra Philanthropic Foundation.
The community aims to promote brain research at the Hebrew University, support the establishment of new interdisciplinary collaborations between faculty members, with special efforts to empower the research of the younger generation of researchers (graduate and postdoctoral students) in the laboratories of JBC members. The JBC will also support creation of international links and promotion of awareness to brain research activity in the Hebrew University, through the organization of international workshops and conferences by its members, student exchange programs and ties with similar academic communities in the world. Any senior faculty member of the Hebrew University, who is involved in brain research from any of its different aspects, is welcome to apply to join the JBC and take part in its activities. The JBC operations are decided by an executive board of researchers, nominated by the Hebrew University rector. JBC operations are set in light of the general declaration of aims mentioned above.
List of The Jerusalem Brain Community Members