The JBC "Golden Opportunity" Scholarship for Non - Hebrew University Undergraduates, in Brain & Cognitive Sciences

The JBC promotes career development of gifted undergraduate students, in the various fields of brain research, at The Hebrew University 

  Amount: $10,000


We offer a 15 month fellowship, starting from the second semester of the 3rd year (towards a BA or BSc degree), and extending into the first year of studies towards a master's degree (MA or MSc), or towards a direct Ph.D at The Hebrew University. The fellowships will only be awarded to students conducting research in a laboratory of an active JBC member (who participated in at least one the JBC activities or attended JBC-sponsored events in the last 3 years)

The fellowship is offered from March 1, 2018 through May 30, 2019


  • 3rd year Undergraduate students, with a clear interest in brain & cognitive science.
  • Average grade: 90 or above (or at the top 10% of the class)
  • Applications for JBC fellowships, are to students conducting research in a lab of a JBC member

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Play an active role in JBC community (e.g. present the research in future JBC events)
  • Update the JBC on the fruits of your work, and the insights gained
  • Acknowledge the JBC fellowship in publications and presentations

Application Process:

The following documents should be submitted:

Application Form (Online Application Form)


Copy of Academic Standing from your university (grades from all previous years)

A research proposal (limited to 1 page)

A recommendation letter from a JBC Member, expressing her/his approval to accept the student in her/his lab and willing to secure funding till completion of the degree

Consideration will be given only to complete applications

Last date to submit applications - January 18, 2018