Congratulations to our new fellowships winners

November 4, 2018


Congratulations to our new fellowship winners:

Post Doc fellowsip:winners

  • Dr. Reut Avinun, Supervisor: Dr. Salomon Israel (Psychology dep.), for her research: "Risk and Resilience Factors for Depression".
  • Dr. Nathalie Klein, Supervisor: Dr. Yoni Pertzov (Psychology dep), for her research: "Psychology dep. Are you in control?    An investigation into the motivated memory phenomenon". 
    PhD "Gold" fellowship:winners
  • Gregory Founshtein, Supervisor: Prof. Shahar Arzy (Computational Neuropsychiatric dep.), for his proposal: "Research Plan: Understanding disorientation in Alzheimer’s disease through the combination of structural, functional and metabolic imaging".
  • Michal Frenkel, Supervisor: Dr. Yoram Ben-Shaul (Medical Neurobiology), for her proposal: "Neuronal Mechanisms of Behavioral Imprinting in the Olfactory System".
    "Golden Opprtunty Scholarship" for Master students:WINNERS
  • Amir Shufaniya, Supervisor: Prof. Inbal Arnon((Psychology dep), for his research proposal: "The impact of modality and stimulus type on statistical learning: probing the domain-generality of statistical learning".
  • Eitan Moses, Supervisor: Dr. Itamar Harel (Genetics dep), for his research proposal: "Rejuvenating the aging brain by altering the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal hormonal axis".  
  • Halen Baker, Supervisor: Prof. Hagai Bergman (Medical Neurobiology dep.), for her research proposal: "Electrophysiological changes caused by various sedative medications compared to natural sleep in healthy and parkinsonian monkeys". 

    Treavel Grant:WINNERS

  • Lior Lebovich, Supervisor: Prof. Yonatan Loewenstein (ELSC). Lior presented her research: "Idiosyncratic choice bias in decision tasks naturally emerges from neuronal network dynamics'', at the Neurobridges 2018: A Mediterranean, Middle Eastern Summer School in Computational Neuroscience.
  • Moria Ben Yishay, Supervisor: Prof. Eran Meshorer (Genetics dep.), Moria presented her research: "Identifying common molecular mechanisms underlying polyQ related diseases'', at the CRG: Tissue Engineering Course: From Stem Cells to Organoids.
  • Ohad Dan, Supervisor: Yonatan Loewenstein (Dept. of Cognitive Sciences). Ohad presented his research: "From choice architecture to choice engineering'' at the 2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2018).

     Travel Exchange Scholarship

  • Lian Hollander,  Supervisor: Prof. Berta Levavi-Sivan (Animal and Veterinary Sciences dep.) for her research proposal: “Use of optogenetics and Ca2+ imaging to characterize neural control of gonadotrophs in fish”.
  • Casto Vos,  Supervisor: Dr. Inbal Goshen (ELSC), for her research proposal: “Structural and functional characterization of astrocytic domains: the significance of association with a specific domain on neuronal activity”.
  • Mariadelmar Reus-Garcia, Supervisor: Dr. Ami Citri (ELSC), for her research proposal: “The function of the claustrum”