Congratulations to our New Fellowships Winners

June 25, 2019
"Golden Opportunity" Scholarship for Undergraduates
EthelEthel Vol - Supervisor: Prof. Sagiv Shifman, for her research proposal: "The Function of circRNA in Autism Spectrum Disorders".
LiorLior Aloni -  Supervisor: Prof. Ehud Zohary, for his research proposal: "Developing novel strategies for perceptual learning generalization towards future treatment of Hemianopia".​​​​​​
miriMiri Varshavsky - Supervisor: Dr. Naomi Habib, for her research proposal: "Identifying Overlapping Molecular Effects of Aging and Alzheimer's Disease on Brain Cells".
Roni SteinRoni Stein - Supervisor: Prof. Ram Frost, for her research proposal: "Statistical Learning of Non-Adjacent Dependencies: How Does Variability Help?".
YasminYasmin Lipiner-Nir - Supervisor: Dr. Anat Perry, for her research proposal: "Can machine learning classify emotions based on audio stimuli better than humans?".
yuvalYuval Shapir - Prof. Ayal Ben-Zvi, for her research proposal: "Developing an in-vivo genome-editing platform for Blood-Brain Barrier research".
Treavel Grant:
AmnonAmnon Dafni-Merom - Supervisor: Prof. Shahar Arzy. Amnon presented his research: "Neuronal hyperactivity for disorientation in early stages of Alzheimer’s disease'', at the OHBM (Organization for Human Brain Mapping) annual meeting in June 2019.
BatiaBatia Bell - Supervisor: Dr. Ayal Ben-Zvi. Batia presented her research: "Super Resolution imaging enables Nano-scale molecular imaging of endothelial transcytosis'', at the 2019 Cold Spring Harbor meeting: Blood Brain Barrier in April 2019.
Rana Aranabuzhaya - Supervisor: Prof. Inbal Arnon. Amnon presented his research: "Heart-rate as a physiological marker of infants attention in a statistical learning task'', at the Interdisciplinary Advances in Statistical Learning  in June 2019.
RoeTRAVEL GRANTy Schurr - Supervisor: Dr. Aviv Mezer. Amnon presented his research: "Quantitative MRI of the human brain", at the OHBM Annual Meeting in June 2019.
Weihweiua Chiu - Supervisor: Dr. Joshua Goldberg. Amnon presented his research: "Functionalizing Braak staging of Parkinson’s disease – a pathway to early intervention'', at the Pathogenesis, Pathophysiology and Experimental Therapeutics in Parkinson's Disease- Gorden Research Seminar and Conference in June 2019.