Optical imaging through scattering media

High-resolution imaging and light control through highly scattering media such as tissues and fog, are fundamental problems that are important for a variety of applications, ranging from microscopy, through manipulation of cells and molecules, to astronomy.

Recently, substantial breakthroughs such as imaging through biological tissues and looking around corners have been obtained by wavefront-shaping approaches. However, these require an implanted guide-star for determining the wavefront correction, controlled coherent illumination, and often raster scanning of the shaped focus. Novel computational approaches that exploit speckle correlations, avoid guide-stars and wavefront control, but are limited to small two-dimensional objects contained within the ‘memory-effect’ correlations range.


image-guided wavefront-shaping

We have recently developed a new concept, image-guided wavefront-shaping, allowing non-invasive, guidestar-free, widefield, incoherent imaging through highly scattering layers, without illumination control. The wavefront-correction is found even for objects that are larger than the memory-effect range, by blindly optimizing image-quality metrics. We have demonstrated imaging of extended objects through highly-scattering layers and multi-core fibers, paving the way for non-invasive imaging in various applications, from microscopy to endoscopy.

We are currently looking to expand this concept to computational techniques for fast imaging through highly scattering media, that can be applied for real-time applications.

Noninvasive imaging via image-guided wavefront-shaping, concept and numerical results


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