Nano-patterned polyelectrolyte multilayers assembled using block copolymer templates: The combined effect of ionic strength and nano-confinement

Date Published:

SEP 22


Polyelectrolyte multilayers gain their importance from their applicability to a wide variety of functional building blocks. The ability to create these multilayers as laterally nano-patterned films, which has only been scarcely investigated so far, augments the functionality of the multilayer and makes it valuable for applications that require nanoscale features or periodic arrangement, such as photonic devices, catalytic surfaces, and biomedical applications. In this study we reveal how the lateral confinement imposed by block copolymer nano-domains in thin film templates affects the assembly of the deposited poly electrolyte layers at different ionic strengths, and how the combined effects of nano-confinement and ionic strength dictate the final structure of the multilayer. These fundamental insights provide the basis for successful construction of nano-patterned, functional coatings. (C) 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


52. nano-confinement effects in nano-patterned PEMs

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