Volunteers at area F

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field trip to the synagogue at Arbel

Arbel Holiday Homes cabin

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Season Goals

In summer 2018 we will hold the last excavation season at the Hellenistic site of Khirbet el-‘Eika. Excavations will be conducted at the summit of the site (area E) where parts of a public building and storage space were uncovered last year and at the southern part of the site (area F) where we started to uncover a large complex, possibly for administrative function.




2018 season dates: June 24 - July 27


One Week       $550

Two weeks      $1000

Three Weeks   $1470

Four weeks      $1880

Five weeks      $2250


The excavation team will be based at Arbel Holiday Homes (right below the site, 7 km from Tiberias) in wooden cabins with a kitchenette, private bathroom, air-conditioning, TV and a porch. Volunteers will stay 3 per two-room cabin.

Small swimming pool, sauna and TV room are also available.

The prices include full room and board from Sunday evening check in through Friday morning check out from the cabins as well as all excavation related activities, field trips and lectures. 

Field School

The excavation offers a Field School that can be taken for credits. The credits are through the Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School and require additional fee ($120 per credit + $80 application fee). The minimum are 2 credits = 2 weeks of participation (3 credits = 3 weeks; 4 credits = 4 weeks).

Instruction takes place during and after fieldwork, on site and in our camp at the Arbel, through lectures, field trips and handling of artifacts.  The curriculum covers excavation methods, surveying, artifact registration and analysis and the archaeology and history of the Galilee in the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods. Lectures will be delivered by the staff members and by guest specialists.