About Uzi Leibner


I was born in New York and grew up in Jerusalem. I completed my studies at Bar Ilan University (B.A. 1997; M.A. 1999; Ph.D. 2004) and spent a year at the University of Michigan (2005/6). In 2007 I came to the Hebrew University, at first as a post-doc and later as a Mandel Research Fellow at the Scholion Interdisciplinary Research Center. Since 2008 I have been on the faculty at the Hebrew University Institute of Archaeology (Senior Lecturer since 2014 and Associate Professor since 2018).

I study Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine archaeology of the Land of Israel and surrounding areas. My interests lie in various aspects of landscape archaeology, rural settlemnts, ancient synagogues, anceint Jewish Art, and the integration of archaeological material and historical sources.

My current project is entitled The Hellenistic Galilee Project: A study of Material Culture, Settlement Patterns and Ethnicity in the Galilee during the Hellenistic period. The project includes excavations at a key-site named Khirbet el-Eika, above the Arbel Valley, and a survey of Hellenistic-period sites accros the Galilee.   

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