JBC Members-Faculty

Prof. Adi  Mizrahi

Prof. Adi Mizrahi

Department of Neurobiology Room 3-223 The Alexander Silberman Inst. of Life Sciences The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Edmond J. Safra Campus, Givat Ram Jerusalem, 91904, Israel
p: 972-2-6586460

Mor Nahum

Dr. Mor Nahum

School of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Prof. Israel  Nelken

Prof. Israel Nelken

Department of Neurobiology, Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Sciences, The Edmond J. Safra Campus The Hebrew University Jerusalem 91904, ISRAEL
p: 972-2-6584229

Dr. Yehuda Pollak

Dr. Yehuda Pollak

School of Education, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Mount Scopus , Jerusalem, 91905 Israel
p: 972-2-5882085

Dr. Avi Priel

Dr. Avi Priel

Faculty of Medicine The Institute for Drug Research (IDR), The School of Pharmacy Pharmacy Building, 2nd floor, Rm: 231 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, ISRAEL, 91120
p: 972.2.6757299
Prof. Yaacov Schul

Prof. Yaacov Schul

Department of Psychology Office: Social sciences building, 3505 Hebrew University, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, 91905 Israel
p: 972-2-5883023