JBC Post-Doctoral Fellowship

The Jerusalem Brain Community (JBC) builds upon Hebrew University‘s record of excellence and innovation in its multidisciplinary approach to brain sciences. The JBC sees great importance in enabling international post-doctoral researchers to be part of its flourishing research environment and community. JBC post-doctoral Fellowships are intended to enable the Fellows to devote themselves exclusively to their research with the purpose of reaching scientific and professional independence which will be required later in their career.

Post-doctoral fellows will receive a competitive stipend for a period of one year, with a possibility of a one year extension. 

The stipend will be $22,000 per year and will only be granted if a matching sum will be provided by the fellow's supervisor. 
Fellowships will be awarded after a rigorous academic review process by the JBC Academic Committee. 
1. The candidate must be (or has been) a student in an accredited institution of higher education and whose PhD training and post-doctoral projects are in the field of Brain Sciences. The post-doctoral research will be conducted under the supervision of a JBC member.  
2. The candidate has been granted a PhD no more than 3 years before applying for the Fellowship or has already submitted his doctoral thesis when applying. (The candidate will have received approval of the PhD, during the first academic year of post doctoral studies).

Evaluation of an applicant proposal
Applications will be evaluated by the JBC Academic Committee based on:

a. The academic achievements of the applicant. 

b. The scientific merit of the post-doctoral project proposal. 

c. Personal interview of final candidates by the fellowship committee and the host researcher. 

Candidate's Commitments:
A recipient of a JBC Fellowship must provide written approval from the authority of PhD students in his/her institute, confirming that his/her PhD has been submitted before they can begin their post-doctoral training. If the PhD was not yet awarded, the candidate must provide an approval of the PhD during the first academic year of the post-doctoral studies.  
Extension of the fellowship to the second year:
JBC is not committed to extend the fellowship in advance. The fellowship may be extended to a second year, depending on availability of funds and the scientific achievements of the candidate. A written summary of these achievements and a short description of the research goals for the second year (max, 2 pages) are obligatory.  
Terms of Fellowship: Fellowship Amount: $22,000 per year.  

1.  The fellowship is on an annual basis and can be extended for a second year. 

2.  Preference will be given to students who completed their PhD abroad. 

3.  A post-doctoral fellowship will not begin more than three years after the approval of the candidate's doctoral thesis. 

4.  A student may not receive the fellowship, if he/she had already received a similar fellowship from ELSC. 

 Please note:

  • Post-doctoral fellowships are considered as grants by the Authorities in Israel and are tax free.
  • International fellows are required to obtain an A2 student visa prior to taking up the fellowship at the Hebrew University.
  • All the intellectual rights pertaining to any invention developed by a Fellow as a result of or in the course of his/her research work at the Hebrew University and/or resulting from the use of University laboratories or property, shall entirely belong to the University. The Fellow will be entitled to royalties deriving from patent registration of any such invention, as prescribed in the University Regulations.

Application form and supporting documents (uploaded to 'Documents Upload' folder according to the instructions).

1.     Photograph 
2.      Application form in English (Online Application form). 
3.      A research proposal for the post-doctoral training (max 4 pages, font size 11, 1.5 line spacing). 
4.      Abstract of the PhD thesis. 
5.     Curriculum vitae 
6.     List of publications 
7.    The 3 most significant published articles in PDF format. 
8.    Three letters of recommendation typed in English from three referees. The letters should be sent by the referee  directly to the        JBC fellowship portal according to this mechanism.  
9.     A letter from the host, expressing his/her will to match the funding provided by the foundation. 
10.   Approval document of PhD degree.  

Consideration will be given only to complete applications.

Last date to submit applications is February 1 & August 2nd