Publications by Year: 2021

Arjmand, Payvand, et al.Three-dimensional broadband light beam manipulation in forward scattering samples”. Optics Express 29.5 (2021): , 29, 5, 6563-6581. Web. Publisher's Version
Sommer, Tal I., and Ori Katz. “Pixel-reassignment in ultrasound imaging”. Applied Physics Letters 119.12 (2021): , 119, 12, 123701. Web. Publisher's Version
Rosenfeld, Moriya, et al.Acousto-optic ptychography”. Optica 86 (2021): , 8, 6, 936–943. Web. Publisher's VersionAbstract

Acousto-optic imaging (AOI) enables optical-contrast imaging deep inside scattering samples via localized ultrasound-modulation of scattered light. While AOI allows optical investigations at depths, its imaging resolution is inherently limited by the ultrasound wavelength, prohibiting microscopic investigations. Here, we propose a computational imaging approach that allows optical diffraction-limited imaging using a conventional AOI system. We achieve this by extracting diffraction-limited imaging information from speckle correlations in the conventionally detected ultrasound-modulated scattered-light fields. Specifically, we identify that since ``memory-effect'' speckle correlations allow estimation of the Fourier magnitude of the field inside the ultrasound focus, scanning the ultrasound focus enables robust diffraction-limited reconstruction of extended objects using ptychography (i.e., we exploit the ultrasound focus as the scanned spatial-gate probe required for ptychographic phase retrieval). Moreover, we exploit the short speckle decorrelation-time in dynamic media, which is usually considered a hurdle for wavefront-shaping- based approaches, for improved ptychographic reconstruction. We experimentally demonstrate noninvasive imaging of targets that extend well beyond the memory-effect range, with a 40-times resolution improvement over conventional AOI.

Yeminy, Tomer, and Ori Katz. “Guidestar-free image-guided wavefront shaping”. Science Advances 721 (2021): , 7, 21, eabf5364. Web. Publisher's Version