“Bridging” Post-Doctoral scholarships during the Coronavirus crisis


“Bridging” Post-Doctoral scholarships during the Coronavirus crisis

This year the JBC offers special post-doctoral scholarships to PhD students of JBC members who submitted their thesis and could not start their planned post-doctoral studies abroad. The scholarships are intended to support a stay of up to six months as post-doctoral fellows at the original lab of the applicants or other labs of JBC members.

Fellowship Amount: Up to $9,000  ($1,500 per month of the support program)


  • The candidate must be a former PhD student of a JBC member.
  • The candidate has submitted his doctoral thesis for approval.
  • Candidates who receive fellowships from other faculties are eligible for a JBC Fellowship. However, the total combined amount, should not exceed the maximum allowed by Hebrew University.

Applications will be evaluated by the JBC Academic Committee based on the academic achievements of the applicant.

Fellowship Requirements:

  • Play an active role in JBC community.
  • Participate in JBC activities, e.g., attend JBC-sponsored events, etc.
  • Acknowledge JBC in publications and presentations.

The Submission:

The following documents should be submitted through the online application system: (uploaded to 'Documents Upload' folder according to the instructions).

1.     Application form in English (Online Application Form).

2.     Research plan for the bridging period

3.    Curriculum Vitae and list of Publications

4.    A Letter of Recommendation.

5.    A Letter from the Host PI, expressing his/her willing to match the funding provided by the foundation.

6. A letter confirming PhD submission. 

Last date to submit applications is June 20, 2020

Apply here

Consideration will be given only to complete applications

jbc@mail.huji.ac.il                                         https://scholars.huji.ac.il/jbc